Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snapshots between 6,000 miles.

I am sick of posting nothing but my face on this blog. So it's your turn, family and friends. I am bummed that I can't post a photo of everyone who I miss from home on this blog, this being because I haven't snapped photos of all of you when we've Skyped. But! The theme of this blog is the infamous Skype Dates I've had with many of you. Most of them are Collette and I being ridiculous, but in any case, these are golden!

You may refer to her as Collette Shakur, or find your own name for the female Tupac (who really does live).

One time, I made the mistake of allowing Collette and Nick to Skype me from Panera Bread in Redlands. I had just gotten out of the shower around 1 a.m. my time and they were happily lunching. These kids are hilarious.

I cherish this next sneaky snapshot. The first time Gideon and I Skyped was on Thanksgiving and I had just gorged myself in a German dinner with my program. I caught him online by surprise and we got to talk for over an hour. Just fantastic.

And sometimes, I just Skype Collette's dogs. Whether she likes it or not. I miss Mandy and Jackson so incredibly much. Even though all Mandy wants me for is the lotion on my legs that she proceeds to lick off every time I see her. Hah.

Nick and I discussing how desperately we want to go to Tibet and India, I'm sure.

This one is just classic: Dad and I are laughing (almost to tears) at good old Papa Moke. I had just been Skyping him when he had one of his funnier moments. Dad and I are cracking up.

And finally, Dad snapped this shot of Papa Skyping me. He was so happy; it makes me melt.

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