Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Dinner Party

Last Saturday, our landlords hosted yet another famous "Mojito Party." But this time, we had a very multi-cultural potluck beforehand! I should have thought to take pictures of each dish, but I was so focused on gorging myself, it completely slipped my mind.

The morning of, Fernando approached Alex and I in the hallway and asked if we were going to make something. We said of course, but we didn't know there was going to be a potluck. Fernando said, don't worry. He suggested just making something cheap and simple. Our minds drew a complete blank trying to think of American food that would be a hit. Best alternative? Mexican food, of course! All of the Americans in the house are from California anyway, and the majority of us are from the San Diego and Los Angeles area.

Do-It-Yourself nachos it was! And they were delicious! My guacamole was a hit! And the salsa was incredibly refreshing (y picante!).

Yuri made "Tortialla Japonesa," which is Japanese Tortialla. In Japan, they have a similar dish to the egg and potato Spanish Tortilla dish. Hers had teriyaki and cabbage and all things delicious.

The Spaniards made Huevos con Atún Tomaté, which is like deviled eggs but with tuna and tomato in the center--yum.

The Italian girls made some delicious pasta (I overate this). They also made "chocolate salami" for dessert. Wow. It was like fudge from heaven.

Then came the mojitos, and the fiesta began!

Many of the house mates in one gluttonous photo. Back Row: Yuri's friend Ken, myself, Natasha, Brandon. Center on floor: Arisa, Fernando, Chiara, Chelsea, Alex. Back to front in left corner: Belén, Sara and Guilia.

This picture is just to precious. Yuri (after ONE mojito) and I. She's so little, she cannot handle hardly any alcohol, but folks keep trying to hand it to her. She's the sweetest!

I am so thankful to live with such amazing folks. :]

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