Sunday, October 17, 2010

Festivillo de Membrillo


Our house really is amazing. Fernando and Miguel took many of us to Málaga yesterday to go to H&M! It's the nearest branch to our house. It felt so good to get back in that lovely store. I feel like even H&M is more stylish in Europe. Then we stopped at Ikea for those darn delicious Swedish meatballs. I refrained from purchasing half the store with the thought in mind that I would have to actually DO something with all the things I buy when I go home this summer. Hah. But I did buy a wine glass. We all did. :] We're matching and cute.

That night, the lovely and sweet woman who cleans our house, María, was performing the lead role in a play at a festival of the arts. The entire festival was created to protest something (that we didn't fully understand) that had to do with the university. Not completely sure, we abstained from signing anything, but boy those protesters throw a great party! It was called, "Festivillo de Membrillo," which means, "Festival of the Quince." (Quince, as in the fruit, not the Spanish word, "quince." Haha. Yes, it caused some confusion).

We missed María's performance as we got back from Málaga so late, but we went to support and eat some delicious Thai food. The performances were awesome. There was a Flamenco dancer that blew our minds. Their feet really do keep the rhythm.

A jazz band came up and played many familiar songs. America created Jazz, after all.

Finally, a belly dancer performed and we were all baffled by how crazily she could move her body. It was a little depressing, as the girls recently tried to go to a belly dancing class, but we got lost and didn't make it on time! Next time for sure. This was too inspiring!

Another nice family photo. Left to right (since there's a new face in this particular shot): Fernando, Julie (from Belgium), Alex, Chelsea, Brandon, Natasha, myself. :]


  1. I just love reading about all the wonderful things you're experiencing. Btw great look group you all are! Laura be sure to bring everyone home for dinner :)

  2. Will do, Mom. I talk up your food so much, all the San Diego kids are going to be hauling but to your kitchen.