Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Spirit

It's a little hard to get all Christmas-ed out when my family isn't around. I'm so used to seeing three trees regularly: ours, Grandma and Papa's, and Ladda's. Also, there is a lack of homes with the crazy lights and what not. But the streets are pretty lit up here. There are poinsettia's on the street lamps and nativity scenes galore. Everywhere you go, you'll see signs saying "Belén," or "Bethlehem."

But I did just have my finals, so Christmas has been in the very back of my brain for a couple weeks. But I am ready now! I have put all five finals behind me with confidence that I did pretty dang well. Booyah.

Grandma and Papa sent me a super sweet Christmas package this week though. It was filled with goodies and decorations, a treat from Sephora, homemade cookies and SOCKS!

I opened and consumed about four cookies before I could even take the picture. Thank you Grandma and Papa! :)

And to all of my loved ones, I swear I am acquiring Christmas gifts and souvenir goodies for you, but you might have to wait until I come home for all of your little presents. Postage is AWFUL. But you're on my mind! :)

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