Monday, December 20, 2010

Granada Mágica

I don't know if I am making clear how deeply I am in love with Granada. This magical city blows my mind regularly. By now, most of us just walk the streets like it's nothing. Alex made the point that we look down often, and with good reason--so as to not trip over a jagged cobblestone or short pylon. But once in a while, you have to risk tripping and twisting your ankle, or worse, stepping in dog poop, to look UP. This place is literally ancient. Islamic and Catholic kingdoms have lived and died here over and over again.

Natasha's brother and parents are here visiting and it's really refreshing for all of us. It gives us a chance to look at Granada again with new eyes. They visited the famous Granada Catedral:

We gave them a tour of "El Mirador" (the "looker", or "place to look") up in the Albaicín and walked them down through the narrow, windy Arab neighborhood of the Albaicín (where they kindly bought us a round of tapas). The view is incredible. It boasts the back of the Alhambra and much of the more urban and suburban parts of Granada:

The family, minus Brandon who's currently traveling with his dad. Myself, Chelsea, Alex, Natasha and her brother, Dane:

And I suddenly realized that I didn't have a photo of myself in front of the most famous part of Granada-The Alhambra. So this is for the family. Yep, I love you guys.

With those lovely views of my city, I now am doing the final packing for my epic Paris/Brussels/London trip. Here's hoping I don't have a delayed flight from here to Paris. But, I'd be moderately okay with a delay from London back to Spain (excuse to stay longer!). Keep your fingers crossed for smooth traveling! I will upload a million photos once I return on January 2 in the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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