Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fiesta, fiesta.

We have a lot of events at our house, lovingly referred to as, "La Casa de los Locos." Be they parties for birthdays, bon voyages, or welcome on in, we'll throw down 3 euros for mojitos and a potluck. This weekend, we had a Going Away and Welcome combination party for the "despedidas" of Hamza and Laura ("la Segunda" or "the second," as I call her). And we had a housewarming party for Majd (Palestinian by birth, Italian resident for the past many years), Manu (from France), and Charlotte (from the Netherlands).

Basically, the night consisted of Chelsea and my being obnoxious with her camera (taking pictures of everyone and thing) and showing off our signature dance move--the rodeo guns.

Here is Hamza and I and "Las Dos Lauras." I will definitely miss both of these very cool people.

So you have an idea of the gentlemen of the house (most of them anyway) since I feel like I mostly post pictures of the ladies. These handsome devils are as follows: Alex, Skip (Xanthe's brother, just visiting for the weekend), Manu, Hamza and Majd.

A nice photo of the upstairs residents all dolled up:

Viva fiesta!

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