Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We are the champions!

After 8 weeks of solid Monday night game play, we have finally done it! "The Major Ragers" are officially Pub Quiz champions!

We won first place last night and boasted four bottles of wine, and a huge fishbowl of a White Russian sufficient for 8 people. We came. We saw. We owned that game.

The winnahs!

Examples of some of the intensely trivial knowledge we knew:
Which daughter of one of The Beatles' members has her own fashion line? (Stella McCartney)
What was confiscated from men attempting to board a plane in Dubai last week? (40 snakes)
Who won the Formula 1 Race last week? (Sebastian Vettel)
Which American female celebrity's birthday is today? (Lady Gaga)
What is euphobia? (Fear of hearing good news)
Who designed the German SS personnel uniforms? (Hugo Boss)
In what shape is a lateen sail? (Triangle)
Elephants have the first, and humans have the second longest what? (Memory)
Why was a UK dentist fired this month? (For repeatedly breaking wind around patients)
Who was the drummer for Nirvana? (David Grohl)

And so many more.

Each Monday night there are 6 rounds with 12 questions each. Topics include: news, media and gossip, potluck, music, and sometimes a sports round (which we let the Europeans deal with).

So Mom and Dad, all of that effort that goes to my education is really paying off. Thanks a mil. :)

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