Sunday, April 3, 2011


Finally, after seven months, I made it to a futbol game outside of a bar. :] It was Granada versus Cartagena 2-1. YES! Granada is a second division team, but as a friend of mine said, second division futbol in Spain is like first division everywhere else. It was actually a really good game.

Charlotte (new Dutch roommate of mine, who is a doll) and I bought the tickets for ourselves, Alex, Chelsea, Brandon, Natasha and Joakim the other day. We climbed up these stairs in this apartment with odd lighting. We both definitely thought we were about to bust a drug deal. Great people though! We ended up getting seats on the, more or less, ground level but dead center. I was more than content.

The game started off with Granada scoring within the first 15 minutes. We were all trying so incredibly hard to learn the chant that the Spaniards were singing. "Something something something JUEGA something something something CAMPIONES something something GRANA GRANA GRANA!" We should be professional translators. All of us.

And as for team spirit, we were ON it. Charlotte provided us with face paint because she's a thinker. The ladies (the guys were WAY too embarrassed) painted our faces after a little deliberation as to whether the team is Granada Futbol Club or Granada Club Futbol. We got it right. :]

There were some hooligans that went all out. I can't explain how impressive their synchronized chants, dances, gestures, signs, and scarves were. All we could think was, "Can we hang out with YOU guys!?"

In summation, I have never sworn in Spanish so much in my life. Maybe more than the 7-year-old kid next to me. And that kid had the mouth of a sailor. And it was hilarious. Only in Spain.

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