Friday, April 15, 2011

Road trip: Italian style.

I'm currently googling Northern Italy weather, gas prices this week, sipping on a smoothie I made from virtually every leftover fruit and vegetable I had in my fridge (waste not, want not), memorizing Italian phrases and trying to figure out what to pack WHILST blogging. I should definitely sacrifice this entry for some realistic preparation, but I'l give you a quick rundown.

Tonight, Fernando, Miguel, Arisa and I drive to Sevilla and stay the night there, to fly out of Sevilla at 10 tomorrow morning to fly into Bologna, Italy! We will spend one night there, rent a car and off we go!

April 16: Bologna
April 17-18: Venice
April 19: Padua (and Happy Anniversary, parents!)
April 20: Cinque Terre
April 21-22: Florence
April 23: Fly back to Sevilla

I'm going to sit back, let the Spaniards drive the manual rental car, and take entirely too many photos. That and eat my weight in carbs.

On a side note, I had one of the best weeks in Spain ever. I didn't travel outside of Granada. I didn't take an exciting tour. I didn't meet anyone famous. It was just the best. :]

Feliz Pascua y que tengas una Semana Santa perfecta!

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