Saturday, August 28, 2010


The past few days have been a flurry of exploring, gawking, photo-snapping, wrestling with converters, eating, drinking and losing to Spaniards at soccer; all separated by deathly long bus and plane rides and the beloved metro.

Madrid was amazing and amazingly hot. I definitely made the right choice for me by picking Granada. They have a saying in Spain: "Si no ha visto Grana, no ha visto na," which is a Granada-Spanish accent for, "If you haven't seen Granada, you haven't seen anything." It seems true thus far.

Once I have more thorough access to WiFi (or "wee-fee" as they say) I will more thoroughly blog. For now, I will alert you all that I HAVE tried tapas with the 1.50 euro beer, I will be dealing with the cellphone thing Monday, the Alhambra blows my mind from a DISTANCE (and I already saw a beautiful palace in Madrid) so I can't imagine how it looks up close, and I may have already found a beautiful, safe and convenient place to live. Keep praying and wishing for me!

Some of us are headed to the beach tomorrow for some Mediterranean action!

I love you all and will email you the MOMENT I can regularly Skype amd respond to your loving emails.


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