Saturday, August 21, 2010


This morning, I drove Alysha to LAX to fly back up to San Francisco. She visited me to say goodbye to me and to celebrate my mom's birthday (which I think she loved). It was a real bummer saying goodbye though. I forced myself not to cry because I wouldn't have been able to stop and my day had only just begun. (Side note: I've racked up 4,000+ miles on Dot this summer. Go me.)

I am about to have dinner with my best friend and her family. Papa Nash can barbecue some mean food. Gosh, it's just the closer it gets, the harder it is to see people. Because at this point, seeing is saying bye.

I have exactly 35 hours until I depart. No, I have not packed.

Yes, I just napped when I could have been packing. But I updated my external and made room on my memory card and charged my camera SO I worked while I slept really! All I want to do is relax! But as a pre-abroad friend of mine said, we'll relax when we're there. Which, in reality, we won't. We'll all be running about searching for places to live, roommates, hustling for the classes we want and accidentally ordering weird things in the restaurant. But you know what? That IS relaxing to me. Compared to frantically running around for a Visa and what not; spazzing in Spain is NOTHING.

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