Sunday, August 8, 2010

My first good-bye, summer reading, and the luggage ordeal.

Above: My summer reading, which began in June and I am at best halfway done.

I said goodbye to Alysha's family, which is really an appendage of my family now. They are so good to me. Her parents remind me a lot of mine, which always makes me sentimental and comfortable.

Despite the fact that their daughter/my dear friend moved into her first apartment back up North the same day that I saw them last, they still called me downstairs to give me a beautiful card and a going away gift. I felt incredibly blessed. I hugged her parents and sister goodbye, a little teary eyed. But as she and I drove away in her car (she dropped me off on her way to San Francisco), her mom made a point to run to the car, tap on my window, and beg me once again to be safe.

The first goodbye was handled ... fairly well. But these next 15 days are going to be some of the hardest in a long time.

Also, tonight I spent time with my best friend of almost 9 years- Collette. I love her because our brains are on the same wave length. For example, when I tell people the amount of luggage I am allowed to bring on the flight, they typically nod and say some variation of, "I see." But I know this girl has my back/sentiments. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Yeah, my grandma and I are going clothes shopping on Monday. I'm basically shopping by weight this time. Whatever is lightweight, I'm buying! I gotta fit it in my bag somehow."

Collette: "That's right! How are you getting your things over there? How much can you take?"

Me: "One carry-on. And ONE checked suitcase."

Collette: "Oh... My... God."

Me: "Yeah. I KNOW."

Collette: "I'm sending you clothes."

Above: My beautiful set of luggage which I'll have to cut in HALF. The winners: fatty roller and backpacking backpack.

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