Friday, June 24, 2011

Feria de Corpus Christi.

This week, Granada celebrates Corpus Christi, which basically serves as a plethora of distractions for me and my packing/leaving business. But it's good. Rather than sobbing, I am exploring. Seems like a fitting end.

So there have been processions like during Semana Santa and traditional dances and good galore and even a HUGE carnival!

The other night, Charlotte and I went with a ton of her Dutch and Belgian friends (all hilarious) to Plaza Bib Rambla to watch some Flamenco and other folklore dance like "El Baile de la Boda Gitana." So beautiful.

Then we all made our way to the other end of town for the massive carnival. The haunted house was the best. Charlotte's friend, Yana took a video of Charlotte having a panic-attack and clinging to my arm. It is golden.

And of course, we thought it through and went for rides BEFORE food. As usual, I hunted DOWN some caramel apples and Charlotte attacked the biggest piece of gummy candy I have ever seen. I am so glad I had her to distract me and get me out of my head. :]

Have I mentioned it's 96 degrees here on average? And Spain does not believe in air conditioning or adequate fans. I am melting. Oh and all those stereotypes you have of old Spanish women frantically using those beautiful hand fans in public are TRUE. And I am one of them. Minus the old and Spanish part.

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