Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monachil Hiking

This Monday, myself and some friends took a pause from the stress of our Facultad courses and enjoyed the great outdoors! We took a 25 minute (€1,30 only!) bus ride up to the Alpujarra mountains, to the town of Monochil and began an epic 7-hour, all day hike.

We walked under a waterfall, and hiked another one! Here's a shot of one of the waterfalls:

The happy hikers, Armando and Hannah. Followed by Monica, Jade, Zach and his brother Eric who was visiting and Chris.

Walking across the MASSIVE suspension bridge!

The meadow in which we picnicked for lunch:

Zach overlooking this fine earth:

At some points, you had to lean over the river that paced the trails and cling to metal hooks placed in the rocky mountain wall to keep from falling in. Other times, the rock stuck over too far and you had to belly crawl on a tiny pathway with mountain to one side and river to the other. It was a trip! This is a shot (fuzzy, my apologies) of one of the caves we walked through:

Finally, we took a slightly different trail back and it overlooked a large canyon of the Alpujarra mountains in the late afternoon:

A perfect day hiking, if I say so myself.

And on an academic note, I just finished writing my LAST ESSAY for my Facultad class. I wrote 25,000 characters in 16 pages all in Spanish in LESS than 24 hours. My brain is fried, but I am beyond content. :] Time to enjoy me some last days in Granada!

Next blog entry... Portugal.

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