Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Future Portuguese Road Trip

As of Monday, June 6 (until Sunday, June 12) I will be road tripping across southern and central Portugal with Joakim and three other Swedes. God help me. But I am stoked!

The first three nights we'll be camping on the beaches of Lagos and Sagres and basically driving where the wind takes up. The last three nights we are staying in Lisbon during the Gay Pride Parade and National Portugal Day Holiday. So we're going to be overwhelmed and busy! But I am excited. :]

I already have a list of food, wine and dessert to feast upon in this exotic beach country. I've also already created a museum-to-hit list. A splendid week is approaching fast.

Also, today I made some piles. And they are titled, "To Ship," "To Donate," "To Throw Away," and "To Pack." I took all of my pictures, posters, and tapestries off my walls. I threw away unnecessary notes and clipped together all of my syllabi and class notes I need to save for credit transferring. I went through my souvenirs, blank postcards, and keepsakes from my travels and got very depressed.

This year is ending too quickly. Anxiety attacks to ensue very soon. I can feel it.

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