Thursday, September 16, 2010

Classes, Mail, and Rain.

I think I got all the classes I wanted! I had to argue a bit with the director. (Side story that will not be posted here. Ugh.) But my Granada director María said that I was the first CSU IP student to complete the registration process and she is going to the Secretaría later this coming week and will email me if there are any problems (but there shouldn't be). Woo-hoo! I have class Monday-Thursday, and each class is 2 hours long, twice a week. Here are the courses I am taking this semester:

-Literatura de España; Renacimiento y Barroco (Spanish Literature: Renaissance and Barroque)
-La imagen de la mujer en la literatura española (The Image of the Woman in Spanish Literature)
-Civilización y Cultura Españoles (Spanish Civilization and Culture)
-Introducción a la lingüística (Introduction to Spanish Linguistics)
-Producción Oral y Escrita (Spanish Oral and Writing Skills II--a required course for the Estudios Hispanicos, which is the advanced level I am in.)

It's going to be 15 units of immersion, but I think I can do it. :]

Also! I got a package from my mom today. Man, she rocks! She sent me the Spanish Verb book and dictionary I lamely forgot, the HOLY Apple World Adapter Kit (which I also should have bought before leaving), a cocktail dress and skirt I wanted (to save money on clothes here for a bit anyway), and she surprised me with peanut butter (expensive/difficult to find here), DOUBLE STUFFED Oreos, spices, and tea! She WOULD sneak something cooking related in there, but I am so happy she did! I love you, Mom. :]

I made the mistake of opening the package in class (since things are sent to my school for safety) and when I got the spices, my teacher said, "¡¿Tu mamá te envió drogas?¡" Which means, "Your mom sent you drugs!?" And she started laughing. I said, "¡No! Pues... Son drogas a mi mamá porque ella es una cocinera!" Meaning, "No! Well... They're drugs to my mom because she's a chef!" And my teacher went off on how cool it was that my mom cooked. It is true. It's pretty rad. Again, you rock mom. Despite that you're trafficking marijuana now.

Also, when I left school today, it was raining and it was so beautiful. It wasn't raining hard but it smells wonderful out! My first Spanish rain. And for the record, the rain in Spain does NOT stay mainly in the plains. Hardy har har.

Finally, when I came home, my landlord Tony was playing a song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and it made me so happy. 'Tis a good day.

I love you all!


  1. How could I not send food stuff? :) your classes sound so intimidating! But I have absolutely no doubt you're ready for them. Love you oodles!!

  2. Aw, I teared up a bit! Moms are the BEST!!! They always know what to do to make everything better :)

    LOL Laura, I love ho you neatly placed every item in your picture. You are such a perfectionist. That dress is cuuuuuuute!

    Your classes sound spanish. Then I read the english translation and I am pretty sure you're gonna be in Laura study mode (glasses, comfy pjs, hair pulled back in a bun, your face literally 5 inches away from a book or computer screen) 24/7. You know the deal. But I know you can do it! Put that big brain to use!


  3. Aw, love it! Good luck with your classes. They are so far over my head, but I am sure you will smoke all of them...especially with the drugs your mom sent you;)

  4. What? Drugs? I want some drugs!!