Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mi Apartamento!

Hello everyone! I am officially moved into my room and I am SO happy with the set-up.

I have a double bed, a huge armoire and extra storage, lamps, a sidetable, waste bin, surge bar, desk and chair, and other things all included. Beautiful. AND I ironically have a purple wall! Every room has various colors like lime green, red, yellow, sky blue, etc. All rooms have hardwood floors and there is marble tile throughout the house.

And no wonder this place gorgeous, I have very trendy landlords who are a crack-up! "Vale? Si, vale!"

My room:

Pictures of my family and friends and my sidetable:

My desk area:

Patio View:

Bye for now! Love you all!


  1. Your new apartment is beautiful - I love the wall colors and floors! I'm impressed. Congratulations!

  2. WHAAAAAT??? Check out that purple wall son! That is saweeeeeet!!