Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Rock Show and Park Day

Last night, there was a free rock festival in Granada called "Zaidín Rock 10." The headliner was a band called Barricada. Chelsea figures they're the Spanish Aerosmith; a bunch of old dudes just jammin' away and everyone-young and old (some very old)-knew the lyrics. It was pretty huge. I'd say it was a grungy Coachella, but not as dirty as a metal festival. Haha. There were carnival rides and fried food stands just like any good festival. I approved.

The girls on the way to the RAWK show:

Barricada performing:

By the time we got home, it was an early Spanish evening at approximately 3:30 a.m. So as usual, we slept until the afternoon and had a lovely breakfast/lunch at home. Then we caravanned over to a park dedicated to Federico Garcia Lorca. I read a few of his plays in Comp Lit 400 with a professor who became my major adviser so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Lorca name at the entrance. There were these hilarious exercise contraptions that we all leapt on:

There were gorgeous rose gardens (which I definitely felt at home in):

Left to Right: Arisa, Natasha, Chelsea, Alex and Brandon.

We brought a blanket and a bottle of wine and just relaxed in the park for a couple hours:

After a bit, we all agreed on tapas and traveled back to a busy area near our house called Plaza Nueva. We took a side street and tried a place with decently priced tapas in HUGE portions. The bar is called La Bella y La Bestia (Beauty and the Beast). I'll leave you all drooling with these photos. :]

I miss you all!



    Aw Laura! I'm glad you are having a grand time with your buddiez! I was beginning to think they were imaginary! lol jk. jk.

  2. beauty and the beast is a SAWEEET name for a bar

  3. Hahaha. Bree. You're a turd. Haha. But I miss you. :]

    And I agree Alysha!

  4. Drooling indeed! Yummy:) How is life working the graveyard shift?

  5. Hahaha! It's different. Different, indeed. I'm gonna be so messed up when I get home as far as eating/sleeping hours and habits. Oof.