Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mi gente y mi comida.


So I stopped by my director's office today to pick up my Spanish student ID card and man do I look fabulous in my picture! Haha. They had to hand cut the background off the sides of my head and (Ava will love this) my mane looks like that of a ferocious lion. But I have it! As well as my student insurance card/information and a group picture! I don't have access to a scanner, so I took a picture of the photo and will present its poor quality to you here. (And if any of you don't know, you can double click the photos to expand them so you can see details):

The woman standing all the way to left is our director, Maria and her assistant below her, Maria Jose. My friends Natasha and Alex are to my left. I'm center back if you can't spot me. SURPRISE! Tall people in back. Chelsea and Arisa are in front with their legs to their chests. Brandon is being creepy in the back to the left with the sky blue shirt. Kira, from SF State is sitting in the bottom right. And Christina and Jason (also from SF State) in the back to the right in the floral tank top and bright blue shirt.

Also! I went grocery shopping today. I bought four full plastic bags (I need to get green bags!) and yet the most expensive thing I bought was honey at 3,25 euro. Yeah. We definitely found THE place to shop. I paid a total of 29,40 euro for the whole sh-bang and it was beyond worth it:

So I had to get the Frosties for breakfast. My friends and I doing the communal thing for milk which Spaniards DO NOT refrigerate and that is just weird. Hah. I've got some mint tea and honey. Canned red sauce for the pasta and canned garbonzo bean soup for my desperate-non-cooking evenings. Peaches, apples, and baby spinach. Yogurt, eggs, butter and Havarti cheese with sliced turkey. Some frozen pasta dishes (also for times of desperation). Peach juice (amazing). Onion and garlic powder (necessary to my life) and two fresh baguettes which were criminally cheap. They were warm when I bought them. (My mom is dying right now.)

Natasha and I carried our bags a good half a mile and up a hill so it is definitely siesta time. But I had to post this factual/informative little entry first.

I love you all!


  1. Who's that cutie in the middle??? the tall one? maroon shirt I think? And LOL @ frosties.

  2. Laura. Who is that guy in the bottom left corner in the grey shirt??? I THINK I might have gone to elementary school with him.

  3. frosted flakes for a flossy G!

    the baguettes remind me of that one episode in flight of the conchords.

    i miss you laura! glad you're finding food at an AFFORDABLE price! :D

  4. also, you would be in the middle. own it!

  5. Postin on your FB now, Ava!

    I know I own this stuff, Bree. ;)

    Alysha, that guy is Chris Eidam. He goes to Sonoma.

  6. Saludos,
    Your blog is quite interesting and informative. Also it appears you are enjoying the expat experience immensely. Getting a view that is seldom available to foreign tourists is very eye-opening although sampling the "red wine and coca cola" beverage is something this old spartan will doubtless postpone. What do they call it; Sangría Española?

    Your daily regimen of four hours of language class will hopefully assuage the "sticker shock" experienced by the folks back home. Are you reading any Spanish language blogs? There is an excellent one here. It is a "stream of conscious" blog by a woman in Cuba who was educated in Spain. The outstanding english translation of her blog is here. A read through her archives is a worthwhile glimpse into everyday Cuban life.

    I note that you have discovered that medical professionals in foreign lands are "compensated" at a somewhat reduced remunerative rate compared to their US colleagues. At your first opportunity you might query a Spanish médico regarding his/her annual malpractice insurance premium in addition to the amortization of his/her student loan.

    Adiós for now and keep the interesting postings coming.


  7. Loving that you are center stage!!! Miss you oodles!

  8. Okay, so it said I had to choose an account to post my comment and my blog came up. What's up on that. It should say "The Ladda" ... LOL!

  9. Oh I want to cook dinner for you!! :) Looks like you're getting the staples. Miss you oodles!