Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Estoy haciendo amigos.

Making them amigos daily.

So last night when got home from dinner, we found that Tony (one of our landlords/handyman) baked us all cookies on little individual plates. :] And we added our landlords on Facebook (or as they say, "faaazeboooook"). One accepted immediately and demanded we begin speaking in Spanish on our walls. Don't worry, I'll translate as best I can. :]

Also, at the break between my brutal four hour daily language class, we go to a bar down the street and get cafe con leche for 1,20 euro and toast for ,70 euro. Sweet deal. But the best part is I saw my barista after class, smoking outside his bar and he said, "¡Hola chica! ¡Hasta luego!" It made me so happy! He knows us now! (He better, we've been there every day thus far supporting said establishment.)

Anyway. I am back to the phone store today to figure out this international calling thing and see if it will cost me a million dollars to receive calls. We'll see!


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  1. Hittin up the locals! Get deals! Get free things! Free food! The inside scoop!