Sunday, November 21, 2010


A few weeks ago I posted the lengthy Amsterdam and Dusseldorf entries. Well, Natasha finally uploaded her photos and I swear she has a knack for catching me at the worst candid moments. Here's a behind-the-scenes view of a few of our proudest moments traveling Europe:

Brandon, Natasha and I sleeping on the Madrid airport floor at 4 in the morning. We had quite the wait. I slept on my valuables or stuffed them down my shirt. Clever, Laura.

The five of us desperately trying to find the pancake place. Did I think she was recording video? Probably.

The hilarious beer tents of Germany. When you're too poor to sit in a classy bar, keep walking. You're sure to find a trendy but awkward beer tent at some point!

And as Brandon likes to call it, we have an infamous "pose wall." The bright blue wall in his room is victim to Natasha's photo shoots almost every weekend. We're all too smart to take our cameras to clubs, so we take photos before hand. This also keeps any sweaty, unattractive photos off Facebook as well. Here are some moments before the parties and discotequas that didn't make it in the Christmas newsletter:

Smile, Brandon!

Laura: Supplier of Sparkling Cider to all the festivities.

Then I found a Menorah. And I was happeh.

The end.

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