Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the light of day.

On my actual birthDAY, some of us went out for Chinese food and then an exploration of dear, dear Granada. The weather was chilly but bright and beautiful. The leaves are all changing colors and I am in love with this city.

Chelsea and I harnessing our inner awkward:

All of the following images are sites I see when I run. I run by the Río Geníl and the trails are amazing. There are views of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, the aqueducts creating a soothing noise in the river, and the smells of the leaves falling around me. I feel so lucky every single day.

Chelsea decided to gather some leaves. And it was all over from there.

Some of these bad boys were HUGE. I feel so lame. This is my first real experience with this mysterious season known as, "autumn." California does not do the ecosystem of the world justice. Happy birthday to me and my big ol' leaf:

Every day I am baffled by how rich Spain is with culture, history and simple beauty. I'll leave you with some Minus the Bear lyrics:

"This light looks good on you
Morning came early
Sitting on a park bench
That's older than my country"

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