Saturday, November 6, 2010

Procesión de la Virgen

(Procession of the Virgin)

So I was in my kitchen, cooking some delicious pasta with a red sauce with zuchinni and what not, when I heard this lovely music. Xanthe, Belén and I stuck our heads out the window to see folks with cameras and a few police. We asked the police what was going on, and the officer shrugged and said, "No sé por seguro... Algo de la virgen como siempre." We all laughed. He basically said, "I don't know for sure... Something for the Virgin as always!" Haha. Well said, officer.

I love living on Calle Jesús y María, or as we Americans would call it: Jesus and Mary Street! It makes for great views of nearly every holy procession in Granada. Xanthe, Belén and I caught the street view of the marching band and the candle-lighting until things calmed down a bit. I ate dinner and about an hour later, we heard another uproar of music. I ran to Chiara's balcony and saw this huge figure of the Virgin being carried by hand down the street. She was decorated in gold and violet. The music was deep and sad, but simultaneously picking up speed. It was so moving.

I grabbed my camera and ran up to Brandon's balcony to get photos:

I posted the video I was able to capture to YouTube (it uploads much faster than on Blogspot). Here is the link to the short video:


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