Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a fiesta! I truly have some amazing friends/roommates/landlords here in Spain. I lucked out.

Last night was the eve of my 21st and a party was held for myself and two other Spanish roommates with November birthdays, Belén and Alberto.

My dear Californians outdid themselves and got me a lovely silver Arabic tea set as well as whole tea leaves that smell like heaven itself. They also got me a Federico Garcia Lorco poetry book. They know me entirely too well. Do I sense some Christmas break reading in my future? Yes, indeed.

My other housemates were kind and sweet and generous enough to gift me with things like bracelets from Sevilla, scarves and gloves and this hand-plated necklace Tony gave me:

We started the night off with a delicious multicultural potluck that stuffed us like no other. And this is only a fraction of the total feast. There was homemade pizza, pasta, Persian chicken, fried rice, sushi, Japanese Tortilla, Peruvian salad, sausage, and three cakes. Incredible.

We then proceeded to dig into the three desserts by blowing out three tea candles! Haha. Belén, Alberto and I doing our birthday thang:

The following photos are just of my friends and I mingling. I sure wish I could transplant a few Americans I miss with all my heart into these images. :]

Jason likes to photo-bomb from time to time. I just want everyone to see how awkward he can really be. That turd!

And to end with a family photo. I love these folks so darn much!

Twenty-one years of age!!!

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  1. Glad you had a good birthday! It looks like so much fun! The leaves are so pretty over there! And all the trails and paths and cool stuff haha. We are in winter up here, I think Autumn forgot that England is supposed to have a season between summer nice weather, and snow. But the snow is amazing so it's alright haha. By the way, I like how in that picture of the guy you accuse of photo bombing, you look absolutely ridiculous. Love you Laura!