Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry freaking Potter.

I am (obviously) all about immersing myself into other cultures. I write my grocery lists in Spanish. I try and have lunch downstairs every day to chat up my Spanish roommates. I shop at Zara and Bershka with the unadulterated attempt of looking as Spanish/European as possible. But I, Laura Fennell, was NOT about to see Harry Potter dubbed in Spanish. No way. Not now. Not ever.

So we found a theatre an hour and 45 minutes away by bus in Málaga (home of H&M and our beloved Ikea). And we got our butts up early enough to get out and catch the first Friday showing. The four of us on our way:

Once there, we had some time to kill and shopped at the huge outdoor mall. We prepared ourselves with candy until we could actually enter and stock up on fountain drinks and popcorn as well:

Don't fear: that tub of popcorn was split amongst the four of us. But the fact that the size of that tub is called "Americano" is both unsurprising and hilarious.

Great day. :]

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